With a pass of a recent vote in Fetch.ai network there is now a minimal commission requirement for all validators at the rate of 5%. We will follow the rules and will gradually increase our rate to 5% to maintain a seat in the active set and to allow our stakers to continue to benefit from our stable performance.

Please, note that this commision is charged as a percentage of your gross earnings from staking and does not anyhow influence the base blockchain APY.

For instance: your invesment is 1000FET at a yearly interest of 12%, i.e. 1% per month (we will not calculate a complex return with re-staking for ease of explanation) which is equal to 10FET per month. Our 5% commission is only 0.5FET out of your 10FET meaning that 9.5FET is your net earning.

On our end this will allow us to invest more in stability ans security of our servers and offer you more services that will appear with the time.

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