We all know how much Tendermint powered networks need stablecoins. We all know how dominant are USD-pegged stablecoins accross all blockchain universe. Doesn’t this seem strange to you?

Please, welcome e-Money – the bridge for European currencies into the blockchain world! Currently the network supports the native token NGM, eCHF (Switzerland), eSEK (Sweeden), eDKK (Denmark), eNOK (Norway) and, of course, eEUR.

Staking is available in the native NGM token and you are most welcome to take advantage of staking rewards with us soon!

The source code of the project was validated by Certik, so your funds will have a very high level of security. And the idea behind the project is the straight way to mass crypto adoption with fast transactions, low fees and reknowned blockchain freedom. You should definately review the company’s website for all features and opportunities – e-Money.

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